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We’re a team of engineers, certified trainers, and network administrators with a focus in speech recognition, dictation, and transcription—including software and hardware, both consumer and professional grade, in standalone and enterprise implementations.

With over 65 years of combined experience, we strive to provide our clients with the tools and support they need to dictate and transcribe effectively in any scenario.

Dragon Naturally Speaking Support

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Support
Dragon Voice Recognition
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We Provide Dragon Naturally Speaking Support

Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal SupportDragon voice recognition software is today’s solution for converting your voice into text.

Maybe you use it to write reports, but want to go further. Perhaps your law firm is considering a move to Dragon Legal, and you need some training. Or you might be a busy physician who needs help using Dragon Medical to dictate a patient encounter more efficiently.

The family of Dragon products can be adapted to a wide variety of uses spanning multiple industries. In most instances, wherever you find yourself typing out communications, searching the web, or creating documentation, Dragon speech recognition can speed up and simplify the process.

We offer support for many different editions of the Dragon system, both consumer and professional.

Certified eSupport supports the following software:

  • Dragon 10, 11, 12—or now 13
  • Dragon Dictate for Mac
  • Dragon Dictate Medical for Mac
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical
    (now officially known as Dragon Medical Practice Edition)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Legal
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional
  • And more…

We can help you with:

  • Troubleshooting problems, fixing bugs, resolving errors
  • Installation and upgrades
  • Setup and configuration
  • Creating custom commands and medical templates
  • Tailored training
  • And more…

Check out our rates and packages, and see what works for you. Don’t be afraid to ask us a question. We’ll help you get you just what you need.

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More About Dragon Voice Recognition

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical SupportWe all know that Dragon turns your talk into text—but it isn’t limited to just that.

  • All of the recent Dragon Naturally Speaking software includes a text-to-speech engine with a realistic voice to read your documents.
  • You can use it to search the internet and look for files on your computer.
  • The software is so powerful, it even gives you control over many of the functions you’d use a mouse for.
  • Dragon for mobile provides voice-to-text apps for when you’re not at your desk, or can’t be tied down. You can use your cell phone as a wireless microphone, or dictate a message while you’re away from your computer.

Are you ready for a free Dragon Naturally Speaking demo?

Want help putting together a voice recognition system for your office or practice?

We’ve got you covered.

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Technical Support for Olympus Software and Hardware

Olympus Hardware and Software SupportHave an Olympus digital voice recorder that needs maintenance? Trying to figure out how to configure your dictation software?

We offer help desk support and Olympus hardware repair for many of the dictation products in the Olympus shop.

We’re Olympus experts, certified to assist you with your dictation and transcription needs:

  • We provide tips and techniques for getting the most out of your software or hardware.
  • Most of our clients request setup and configuration services, because they want to make sure their dictations are routed properly.
  • We can address most errors or issues with your Olympus digital recorder, software, or footpedal.
  • If you’re already using Dragon speech recognition, let us help you integrate it with your dictation workflow.
  • Get set up with the Olympus mobile app and send dictations to your transcriptionist via smartphone.

We want to help make sure your transcriptionists are receiving dictation files in an effective manner, and that your authors can dictate and deliver their files without frustration.

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Philips Dictation and Transcription Help Desk

Philips Dictation and Transcription SupportDo you have the latest version of the Philips Device Control Center (aka Speech Control) installed? Are you trying to update your SpeechMike firmware? Want some training on SpeechExec4Mac?

We provide comprehensive Philips SPS product support, and we’re also the only authorized Philips Replacement Center in North America.

  • Let us configure your dictation and transcription software for your needs.
  • We can show you how to use consumer-grade products, such as the Philips voice tracer, as well as professional dictation devices, including the DPM 8000.
  • If you have Dragon voice recognition software, we can set it up to work in tandem with SpeechExec Pro.
  • Let us assist you in replacing that malfunctioning digital dictation device—and get back to business-as-usual.
  • Explore your options with the Philips mobile app, Dictation Hub, and Mobile Server. We’ll help you configure the best way to route dictations to your transcriptionists using your smartphone.

You can go here to get more information about Philips SPS dictation and transcription products, or click the button below to engage us as your tech support gurus.

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