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Join our speech technologies team as we lead the industry in support, training, and implementation for dictation and speech recognition solutions.

Big things often come in small packages. Certified eSupport is a recent tech start-up in Austin, Texas—backed by the largest distributor of voice and speech solutions in North America. We offer premier professional services for the world’s top speech recognition and dictation vendors, catering to multiple verticals in multiple channels.

Come learn how to configure and deploy solutions in small, virtual, and enterprise environments—and turn your professional ambition into a rewarding future.


Certified eSupport at a Glance

Certified eSupport is an organization made up of talented engineers, certified trainers, Microsoft® Certified Professionals, and network administrators. We focus on voice processing, speech recognition, and enterprise-wide software solutions designed to meet the needs of the healthcare, legal, and corporate verticals.

With over 65 years of combined experience, our organization is uniquely fit to provide our clients with the absolute best out-of-the-box experience possible. We work with end users and top value added resellers across North America, providing support and service that exceeds expectations.

Making A Difference

When it comes to organizational culture, a lot of companies talk about their awesome office environment, fun events, and great perks.  We’ve got those too, but we view culture differently.  We believe it’s about gathering people who enjoy each other’s company and respect each other’s skill.  It’s about collaboration—working alongside people who will intellectually spar with you one moment, then grab tacos with you the next.

Our core values center around making it fun every day, maintaining an effective team, and walking the talk.  We believe that keeping an optimistic and welcoming attitude inspires others to do the same. Team members at every level are empowered to own their work, from start to finish.  Dedication, impact, and achievement are the qualities we reward.


Growth & Development

We’re an organization that embraces change enthusiastically. One of the ways we do this is by making efforts to stay ahead of the learning curve. We’re taking performance and development measures to increase our capabilities, build collaboration across departments, and strengthen our organizational alignment.

We’re also looking long term. We want passionate and determined team members who want to build the organization and grow with us. As we grow, we’re working to meet and exceed our stated goals, because we believe in what we’re building. Sometimes that means staying until the job gets done.

We Work as a Team

We built our team’s ethos upon common goals and close, friendly working relationships. Everyone is here to help the team succeed; we achieve as a team. If someone is overwhelmed, then other members of the team pitch in to help. We value our role as part of the team above our personal agendas.

Every team needs a coach; it’s the coach’s job to enable the team to do theirs. The coach may set up the plays, but it’s the team that gets the job done. The team tells the coach about the obstacles getting in their way, and then the coach implements a solution.

Some of the best solutions often come from team members—as they are the ones dealing with the issues on the field. We listen to our team and encourage the presentation of both problems and suggestions.


Location & Office

We’re located in North Austin, just down the street from the Domain. Embracing the live music capital of the world, and its tech culture, our office provides a fun, open, casual environment to collaborate, discover, and recharge.