Frequently Asked Questions | Certified eSupport

Certified eSupport FAQs


Who are you?

We’re Certified eSupport, a 3rd party technical support company in Texas. Our expert technicians provide training, installation, and troubleshooting services for Nuance®, Philips®, and Olympus® dictation, transcription, and speech recognition solutions.

Are you Dragon/Philips/Olympus support?

No, but we do provide product support to our members and partners. We’d love to have you join us!

Can you help me with my question/problem?

If you’ve signed up for services with Certified eSupport, absolutely. If you decide not to join us as a member, we can still provide you with online resources (when available).

Am I a Certified eSupport member? I’m not sure.

When you purchased services, you should have received a welcome email from us with your membership number.

I lost my license / need a software download / need my license reset, but I’m not a member.

We reserve these services for our Certified eSupport members and partners. Please contact the company from whom you purchased your software.