Using a Philips SpeechMike With Dragon for Mac v5

  SpeechControl Hotfix for Mac When Dragon® for Mac v5 was first released, there was a compatibility issue between Philips® SpeechControl for Mac® and Dragon that disabled the SpeechMike buttons for use in that application. The previous workaround was to use keyboard mode to perform limited functions. Philips has now released a hotfix for Dragon for…

Within Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate v7, how do i get my microphone to start recording immediately when I press the Record button?

Synopsis: When in the Online Recorder Window. I press the Record button on my SpeechMike, it showsRecord Standby.  I can then hit the Play/Pause button on SpeechMike to have it go intoRecord mode.  Question: How can I program the software to bypass theRecord Standby” mode and immediately start recording when I press the Record button. Answer: Within…

Will my older Philips SpeechMike 5274 work with the new Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

Yes, you can use an older Philips SpeechMike II with the New Dragon Medical Practice Edition.  Make sure that you’re running the latest version of the Philips Device Control Center (v2.8 build 260).  Otherwise, the microphone will automatically turn off when being used.  Click Here to download the Philips Device Control Center v2.8 Build 260…

When using the Philips SpeechMike to navigate templates in Dragon, how do I keep the microphone ON?

Synopsis:  I’ve programmed my Philips SpeechMike to navigate through my templates in Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  When I press the Fast Forward button, it will go to the Next Field but then it turns off my micrphone.Issue: Philips has assigned specific functionality to some of the button on the Philips SpeechMike.Resolution: We will need to reconfigure the button…

What type of encryption is used with the New Philips SpeechMike Air? Is it HIPPA compliant?

Question: What type of encryption is used with the New Philips SpeechMike Air? Is it HIPPA compliant?Philips uses a proprietary encryption technique, therefore; they will not share with the public. The Philips SpeechMike Air is not HIPAA compliant but it is HIPAA supportive. The device is encrypted and follows the standard securities found within the…

What type of wireless technology is used in the NEW SpeechMike Air?

Question: What type of wireless technology is used in the NEW SpeechMike Air?During product design, Wireless USB, WLAN, RF, WiFi & Bluetooth were all considered. Philips decided to go with Bluetooth 2.0 & 2.1.They decided to go with Bluetooth for the followings reasons: Proven standard since > 10 years Approvals for CE, FCC, IC Tested…

What types of barcodes can I scan using the Philips SpeechMike II Barcode?

The Philips SpeechMike II Barcode Scanner is a hand-held programmable USB microphone with a built-in Barcode Scanner. 
This device can read the following types of barcodes:
* Code 11/39/93/128
* Codabar
* MSI Code
* Interleaved 2 of 5
* Discrete 2 of 5

Verification Source: Page 12 of the Philips SpeechMike Barcode User Manaual