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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Spending too much time helping colleagues with software support? Need assistance setting up a documentation workflow? Looking for training on how to use your software more efficiently? We’ve got you covered.

Our Client Solutions are designed to support healthcare, legal, and government professionals (and more) with their mobile and workstation-centered speech technology.

If your workflows include dictation, transcription, or speech recognition, we can help increase your organization’s effectiveness, save you time, and increase your productivity. Our Client Solutions extend from end to end, including implementation and deployment, customization, training, optimization, and support. You can choose one or more solutions, or we offer a bundle that brings them all together.

Please note that all services are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Dictation System Implementation $199

Up to 60 minutes of installation, configuration, training, and support.*

Whether your client is a clinic, small business, law firm, government entity, or educational organization, we can provide them with the expertise and service they need to accomplish their documentation and workflow goals. With the DSI package, we empower your customers to complete more projects, advise more clients, and consult with more patients—one hour at a time.

*Excludes multiple workstations, enterprise solutions and virtual environments.

Dictation System Implementation

Speech Recognition Implementation $299

Up to 90 minutes of speech profile configuration, digital dictation training, and speech recognition support.* 

Being able to use your speech recognition solution efficiently is very important. That’s where the SRI package makes all the difference. We help you use your time effectively and maximize your productivity with the proper installation and setup of your software and hardware. Once you have mastered the navigation and operation of your solution, you can get more done in less time, resulting in a positive return on your investment.

*Excludes Dragon® Medical One, multiple workstations, enterprise solutions and virtual environments.

Speech Recognition Implementation

Trial Enterprise Project Implementation $499

Up to 2 hours of Enterprise installation, configuration and support. 

Are you prepared to deploy the latest version of SpeechExec Enterprise (SEE) or Olympus WebSCP? Do you have clients interested in trialing enterprise solutions? Whether you are unfamiliar with Active Directory and Windows Server, or just want to focus on closing larger sales, our TEPI solution provides the bandwidth and ability you need to take advantage of enterprise revenue opportunities. We help a trial and putting the product in their hands to deliver a proof of concept.

Trial Enterprise Project Implementation

Booster Shot $649*

Up to 3 hours of Dragon Medical One implementation, configuration, and training.

Even if you decided that you and your team are going to handle all your Dragon Medical One training, configuration, and installation, we’ve still got you covered. With the purchase of a Booster Shot, we perform end-to-end professional services for your Dragon Medical One clients, a single provider at a time. Maybe you have more business than you can handle. Perhaps you’re short-staffed for a brief period.

Whatever the reason, with the Booster Shot, we install and configure Dragon Medical One, provide three hours of robust training, and perform three annual wellness checks for any one provider. In addition, we’re their Dragon Medical One tech support team for the life of the service. Booster Shot clients receive the same level of excellent service they would as if you were partnered with us for all Dragon Medical One professional services. You get control over how much time to devote to post-sale implementation and delivery. It’s a win-win for you and your healthcare clients.

*per provider

Booster Shot

Train Me $649

Up to 3 hours of training. Learn how to utilize, install, configure or support speech recognition, dictation software and hardware.

Proper training is one of the most important services an organization can invest in. Not only does it boost adoption rates, but it also enables clients to effectively and efficiently use their new solution. Over the course of 3 training sessions, we provide a thorough understanding of basic functionality and best practices, ensuring that clients can use the solution’s most common functions. We also introduce intermediate concepts, touching on some of the operations that are less common and/or more complex. Finally, we reinforce the topics already covered, to ensure that clients are prepared to work independently with the solution.

Train Me

Dragon® Medical One Discovery & Implementation $2499*

Dragon Medical One Virtual Desktop Infrastructures, discovery, implementation, configuration, and training.

Do you want to maximize your ROI through dictation, but your network infrastructure is virtualized. Whether you are unfamiliar with Windows Terminal Server, Citrix or other VDI systems, our DDI solution provides the expertise to take advantage of Dragon® Medical One in VDI environments.

*Per environment.

Dragon Medical One Discovery & Implementation

Renewing Your Membership

If your Client Solutions membership is expiring soon, or just expired—and you’re ready to renew—we’d like to offer you a loyalty discount.

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