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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Spending too much time helping colleagues with software support? Need assistance setting up a documentation workflow? Looking for training on how to use your software more efficiently? We’ve got you covered.

Our Client Solutions are designed to support healthcare, legal, and government professionals (and more) with their mobile and workstation-centered speech technology.

If your workflows include dictation, transcription, or speech recognition, we can help increase your organization’s effectiveness, save you time, and increase your productivity. Our Client Solutions extend from end to end, including implementation and deployment, customization, training, optimization, and support. You can choose one or more solutions, or we offer a bundle that brings them all together.

Please note that all services are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Productivity Package $599

Full-service solution, includes installation and configuration, training, support, and optimization—plus 1 extra hour of service. Can be used for enterprise training or support.

Train Me $399

New user comprehensive training, includes support and 1 extra hour of service. Can be used for enterprise training or support.

Support Me $199

Help desk solution for a single user. Provides technical support for 1 year, plus 1 extra hour of service. Does not include enterprise services.

Optimize Me $99

PC tune up and speech software optimization for a single workstation. Does not include enterprise services.

Assist Me $99

One hour of installation, configuration, training, and support. Does not include enterprise services.

Comparing Client Solutions

LIST PRICE: $99 $99 $199 $399 $599
Remote Assistance  
1 Hour of Personalized Service*  
PC Optimization      
Tech Support    
Training Satisfaction Guarantee      
Enterprise Solutions      
Product & Solution Training       3 Sessions 3 Sessions
Workflow Configuration        
Installation & Deployment        
Software Customization        
Hardware Configuration        

*Hourly services can be used for anything on this chart—except for enterprise solutions.

Upgrade Solutions

If you previously purchased an Assist Me, Support Me, or Train Me, we offer discounted rates on some of our solutions.

Renewing Your Membership

If your Client Solutions membership is expiring soon, or just expired—and you’re ready to renew—we’d like to offer you a loyalty discount.

Thank you for your business!

Client Solutions