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Train Me $649

  • (3) Up to 3 training sessions, 1 hour each

Proper training is one of the most important services an organization can invest in. Not only does it boost adoption rates, but it also enables clients to effectively and efficiently use their new solution.

Over the course of 3 training sessions, we provide a thorough understanding of basic functionality and best practices, ensuring that clients can use the solution’s most common functions. We also introduce intermediate concepts, touching on some of the operations that are less common and/or more complex. Finally, we reinforce the topics already covered, to ensure that clients are prepared to work independently with the solution.

Please note that our trainings are scheduled to increment from basic to advanced over three sessions.

Personalized Service

Train Me includes (3) hours of service, which can be subdivided into three training sessions. Learn how to utilize, install, configure or support speech recognition, dictation software and hardware.

Technical Support

If you get an error message, or your hardware/software stops working properly, you can contact us to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. You can use this part of the service as much as you need during the year.

Our Certified Training Assurance

Your satisfaction is non-negotiable! If you are not completely satisfied with your overall training experience, let us know within 30 days of the last session, and we’ll make it right by offering you another round of trainings.

Limited terms and conditions do apply.

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Train Me

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