You have arrived. This is where to go for support with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. Here you will find answers to all of your frequently asked questions, as well as fully accessible troubleshooting, training and educational resources for Dragon Medical speech recognition technology.

Our team of professional technicians have decades of experience working with resellers that we partner with and their customers to ensure that the integration of voice recognition solutions is an enjoyable and productive one. When you work with us, you know that you will get expert support on Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

We are your resource for how to install Dragon Medical speech recognition technology, how to customize Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 for use with any EHR, how to use the customizable macros to streamline workflows, and how to add a medical specialty vocabulary within the software.

The knowledge base that is supported by Certified eSupport, houses an extensive library of tutorials on how to use Dragon Medical Practice Edition, FAQ’s on speech recognition technology, demonstration videos, user’s manuals and educational webinars. We also offer live chat capabilities for resellers and their customers who want real time assistance with service and repairs or just a quick answer for things like adding terms to the Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 vocabulary, installing a digital recorder or literally anything else you can think of.

Dictation repairs, warranty repairs and general troubleshooting issues can all be handled through Certified eSupport specialists. If you are interested in learning how you can get more support using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, our staff is equipped to offer technical trainings and education that will elevate the experience of using speech recognition technology.

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