Certified eSupport is the epicenter for technical expertise and systematic training on Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. We provide a multi-tiered menu of services that includes one-on-one and group training backed by an exhaustive collection of educational resources to assist resellers we partner with and their customers with Dragon Medical technology.

The “moment of truth” for implementation of Dragon Medical Practice Edition is dependent on physician training. First impressions of Dragon Medical speech recognition technology are often dependent on the initial ease of use, so “getting it right the first time” is a core philosophy that Nuance Healthcare brings to the table.

Our team has extensive experience in the implementation of speech recognition solutions specific to most EHRs and has designed Best Practice documentation to aid in the successful integration of Dragon Medical speech recognition software.

Certified eSupport recommends and delivers several training methods:

End-User Training:

This is our recommended approach for ensuring high productivity rates for clinicians. We provide one-on-one or group training for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. Our certified trainers cover specific agendas designed to promote advanced comfort levels and user integration. The average one-on-one training session is two hours whereas the group training sessions typically accommodate up to six users in a three-hour session.

Administrator Training:

An alternative for some organizations with fully-staffed training departments is a train-the-trainer strategy, whereby Certified eSupport focuses its training resources on ensuring resellers we partner with have an internal training team with the skills and resources needed to work directly with clinicians and provide the same level of service.

Help Desk Training:

Certified eSupport will also train the reseller’s help desk to triage and solve inbound technical and customer support calls in the same manner as its own in-house help desk organization.

Regardless of the different types of training for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, our agendas are customized to fit the specific needs and expected roles of the individuals involved. Topics range from basic best practices for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, to advanced topics covering application of enhanced features, customization of macros and vocabulary, installation of digital dictation devices with the software and general troubleshooting and repair support.

The goal of training for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is to ensure the highest and quickest Return on Investment. Enjoy the convenience of personalized Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 training with one of our Technical Product Specialists.

We have your back whether you want to become the expert or leave the technical support to us. Contact Certified eSupport today to learn more about how to find training for Dragon Medical speech recognition technology that is best suited to your needs.

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