Error Code or Description Solution or Cause
unexpected exception c0000005 When using Dragon Naturally Speaking, a generic unexpected exception c0000005 error might occur. This is a generic error message, but in some situations, the Digital Persona Fingerprint Reader Agent module program by Microsoft can cause this error.
After a fresh install of Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical 10.1 will not let me run in elevated mode. How do I get it to run? Click here for solution
Dragon error: Error while unpacking program, Code 2. Please report to author” error when launching or installing Click here for solution
Why are multiple DLL files failing to register when installing Dragon Naturally Speaking? Click here for solution
Cannot create a subdirectory in the roaming user directory Click here for solution
The roaming user local directory cannot be on a network drive Click here for solution
A serious error occurred while initializing the NaturallySpeaking speech engine. Please try reinstalling to correct this problem Click here for solution
Runtime Error Click here for solution
user profile will not open and a signal processing error appears Click here for solution
E_Fail error Click here for solution
vocabulary incompatible or invalid Click here for solution
Internal Recognizer Error Click here for solution
SDAPI Click here for solution
An internal error occurred (SmAudio control) Click here for solution
Com returned an unexpected error code:Details are HOOKERR_NONOTIFYWINDOW? Click here for solution
User files you have selected cannot be accessed Click here for solution
SendKeys Cancelled Click here for solution
1722 Click here for solution
1330, 1329, 1332, 1335, or 1339 Click here for solution
6976 Microsoft Word 2013 may stop responding during launch when Dragon NaturallySpeaking is running
6975 “New Paragraph” command not recognized in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12
6961 Unable to insert special or accented characters into Corel WordPerfect
6963 Text is overwritten when dictating into a Microsoft Word Form
6951 Unable to move up/down when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 with Microsoft Outlook/Word
6958 Some dictated words are formatted as compound words (DUTCH ONLY)
6953 Extra HTML code is inserted in WordPress Blogs when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12
6899 Cannot dictate single-digit numbers when in Spell Mode
6952 Natural Language Commands are not recognized when in Numbers Mode
6935 Unable to dictate into certain fields within Internet Explorer 10
10000 Execution interrupted.
10001 Out of memory.
10008 Invalid ‘#Uses “module” comment.
10009 Invalid ‘#Uses module dependency.
10010 Macro is already running.
10011 Can’t allocate memory to macro/module.
10012 Macro/module has syntax errors.
10013 Macro/module does not exist.
10014 Another macro is paused and can’t continue at this time.
10017 No macro is currently active.
10018 Sub/Function does not exist.
10019 Wrong number of parameters.
10021 Can’t allocate large array.
10022 Array is not dimensioned.
10023 Array index out of range.
10024 Array lower bound is larger than upper bound.
10025 Array has a different number of indexes.
10030 User dialog has not been defined.
10031 User pressed cancel.
10032 User dialog item id is out of range.
10033 No UserDialog is currently displayed.
10034 Current UserDialog is inaccessible.
10035 Wrong with, don’t GoTo into or out of With blocks.
10040 Module could not be loaded.
10041 Function not found in module.
10048 File not opened with read access.
10049 File not opened with write access.
10050 Record length exceeded.
10051 Could not open file.
10052 File is not open.
10053 Attempt to read past end-of-file.
10054 Expecting a stream number in the range 1 to 511.
10055 Input does not match var type.
10056 Expecting a length in the range 1 to 32767.
10057 Stream number is already open.
10058 File opened in the wrong mode for this operation.
10059 Error occurred during file operation.
10060 Expression has an invalid floating point operation.
10061 Divide by zero.
10062 Overflow.
10063 Expression underflowed minimum representation.
10064 Expression loss of precision in representation.
10069 String value is not a valid number.
10071 Resume can only be used in an On Error handler.
10075 Null value can’t be used here.
10080 Type mismatch.
10081 Type mismatch for parameter #1.
10082 Type mismatch for parameter #2.
10083 Type mismatch for parameter #3.
10084 Type mismatch for parameter #4.
10085 Type mismatch for parameter #5.
10086 Type mismatch for parameter #6.
10087 Type mismatch for parameter #7.
10088 Type mismatch for parameter #8.
10089 Type mismatch for parameter #9.
10090 OLE Automation error.
10091 OLE Automation: no such property or method.
10092 OLE Automation: server cannot create object.
10093 OLE Automation: server cannot load file.
10094 OLE Automation: Object var is ‘Nothing’.
10095 OLE Automation: server could not be found.
10096 OLE Automation: no object currently active.
10097 OLE Automation: wrong number of parameters.
10098 OLE Automation: bad index.
10099 OLE Automation: no such named parameter.
10100 Directory could not be found.
10101 File could not be killed.
10102 Directory could not be created.
10103 File could not be renamed.
10104 Directory could not be removed.
10105 Drive not found.
10106 Source file could not be opened.
10107 Destination file could not be created.
10108 Source file could not be completely read.
10109 Destination file could not be completely written.
10110 Missing close brace ‘}’.
10111 Invalid key name.
10112 Missing close paren ‘)’.
10113 Missing close bracket ‘]’.
10114 Missing comma ‘,’.
10115 Missing semi-colon ‘;’.
10116 SendKeys couldn’t install the Windows journal playback hook.
10119 String too long (too many keys).
10120 Window could not be found.
10130 DDE is not available.
10131 Too many simultaneous DDE conversations.
10132 Invalid channel number.
10133 DDE operation did not complete in time.
10134 DDE server died.
10135 DDE operation failed.
10140 Can’t access the clipboard.
10150 Window style must be in the range from 1 to 9.
10151 Shell failed.
10160 Declare is not implemented.
10200 Basic is halted due to an unrecoverable error condition.
10201 Basic is busy and can’t provide the requested service.
10202 Basic call failed.
10203 Handler property: prototype specification is invalid.
10204 Handler is already in use.