What are the differences between Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional v9, v10 & v11?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional has evolved over the years.  Several advanced features and functionality have been added with each new release.  The attached document will show the differences between Dragon Pro v9, v10 & v11.

http://www.zazaknowledge.com/resources//13756/Nuance/Comparison Matrices/Pro v9 v Pro v10 v Pro v11.pdf

Verification Source:  In-house testing

Test Date
: 5.7.12

What are the system requirements for Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11 Professional Edition

Minimum Specifications Intel® Pentium4® or later or AMD Athlon 64 1 GHz or later. Faster processors will yield faster performance (SSE2 instruction set required).512 MB RAM; 1 GB RAM for Windows Vista(tm); 2GB RAM for Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit Free hard disk space: 1 GB; 2 GB for localized non-English versions L2 Cache: 512…


What are the system requirements for Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11.5 Professional Edition?

The install process checks that your system meets the minimum requirements; if they are not met, Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not be installed.  • CPU: minimum 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® or equivalent AMD processor or 1.66 GHz Intel® Atom® processor. We recommend  1.8 GHz Intel Dual Core(tm) or equivalent AMD processor. (IMPORTANT: SSE2 instruction set required). • Processor…