When tryng to open my Dragon profile why do I get the error, “User files you have selected cannot be accessed”?

Problem: When launching a user profile from Dragon NaturallySpeaking an error message statingUser files you have selected cannot be accessed” may appear. Cause: This error may occur if the user profile folder is open in Windows Explorer while Dragon NaturallySpeaking is attempting to load the user profile, or if changes were made to specific folder…


What is the proper procedure for updating users to Dragon NaturallySpeaking v11 if they have a new 64bit PC?

Scenario: I have a customer running Dragon NaturallySpeaking v9. They just purchased a new computer running Windows 7 with a 64bit processor.  Question: What’s the proper upgrading procedure? Answer: The customer would purchase the Dragon NaturallySpeaking upgrade to version 11.  One the new PC running Windows 7 (or whatever) 64bit, they will use the Dragon…


What Healthcare challenges does Dragon Medical v10.1 solve?

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems offer the poten­tial to dramatically improve the cost and quality of health­care. Despite their potential, however, EMR software is used by only 20% of clinicians in the U.S. today1—and less than 5% in small practices. Adoption is slower than expected in part due to: Dramatically slower physician productivity in documenting…


What is Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a speech recognition software package developed and sold by Nuance Communications for Windows personal computers. The most recent package is version 11, which supports 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows XP, Vista and 7. Features Dragon NaturallySpeaking utilizes a minimal user interface. As an example, dictated words appear in a floating tooltip…


What is the Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder App?

The Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder App is a medical dictation application for use with Nuance’s eScription transcription platform.  Dictations are recorded on the iPhone and wirelessly delivered via a secure connection for background speech recognition and transcription.
Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder is compatible with 3GS & 4 model iPhones. 

Verification Source: Apple App Store.

What is the Dragon Medical Mobile Search App?

The Dragon Medical Mobile Search App is a fast, accurate and smart way for busy, mobile physicians to serarch online content on thier iPhone(tm) using their voice. Whether physicians need drug-to-drug interaction information, the latest on new medications, an ICD-9 code look-up or a refresher on diagnosing a particular condition, Dragon Medical Mobile Search helps…