What’s new in the recent firmware v1.20 update for the Olympus DM2 & DM4 digital voice recorder?

1. DSSPro 256-bit Encryption Support With the DS-5000, it is now possible to set the 256-but encryption function for audio files.  To do so, you will need to update the DS-5000 firmware to a version that supports the 256-bit encryption function.  The Olympus DS5000 Firmware v1.07 and now available through the eDist FTP site. In…


When trying to enable the speech recognition in Philips SpeechExec Version 7. It was asking for a serial/license number. The disk only came with one license number, and that one did not work. I thought I would try the Dragon serial number and that did not work either. What number should we be putting in?

There is a specific license supplied by Philips for speech recognition in SpeechExec Pro Version 7.  There have been some issues with SpeechExec speech recognition licenses not shipping with some versions of SE Pro 7.  If you find that you purchased an SR skew and did not receive a speech recognition license, contact your EDist…


When trying to open my user profile in Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the user profile will not open and a signal processing error appears. Why?

Restoring a good copy of the user’s speech files will often resolve this issue. Cause: The user cannot load due to Speech File corruption. The Speech File corruption can be caused by a number of things, including aggressive anti-virus software settings, power surges occurring as Dragon saves the speech files or low memory resources. Solution:…



Olympus has recently (May 2011) released a firmware update for their DM-2 & DM-4 digital voice recorders.  Below is a list of the improvements of this new release. 1. Support the functions of USB microphone or Speaker. 2. Supports the function to register the voice keywords for the schedule. 3. Supports the function to register…


When trying to play an audio file, I receive the following error: “An internal error occured (SmAudio control).”

Synopsis: When downloading files from a Philips LFH-9600 Digital Pocket Memo into the Philips SpeechExec Pro software, the following error occurs when tring to playback or transcribe the audio file:An internal error occured (SmAudio control).”

Question: What can I do to correct this issue?

Answer: There are several factors that can cause this error.  Follow the steps below to fix the issue and prevent it from happening again.

To Play the File in Question

1. Upload the audio file back onto the Philips Digital Pocket Memo.  Once the file is back onto the device, press the EOL (End of Letter) button then download the file back into the Philips SpeechExec Pro software. 

To Prevent This Type of Error From Occuring Again

1.  If you are sending files to another person or working in an Author/Typist scenario, make sure that both the SpeechExec Pro Dictate & SpeechExec Pro Transcribe are the same Version & Build.

2. Make sure that the SpeechExec Pro Dictate software sets the proper ‘State’ upon download.  To do this, go to Settings > DPM/DT Configuration > Downloaded Dictations > Set Transcription Pending state for all DPM files.

Following these steps will ensure that you have configured the software properly.

Verification Source: In-house testing 

What is the ODMS System Configuration Program and License Manager?

The System Configuration Program and License Manager are server-side applications designed to be used alongside ODMS in a Workgroup Mode environment. Both applications can offer the Administrator a vast array of functions to allow them to manage and configure their ODMS environment in the following ways: • Centrally manage user and group settings. • Lock…