What is the ODMS System Configuration Program and License Manager?

The System Configuration Program and License Manager are server-side applications designed to be used alongside ODMS in a Workgroup Mode environment. Both applications can offer the Administrator a vast array of functions to allow them to manage and configure their ODMS environment in the following ways: • Centrally manage user and group settings. • Lock…


What Healthcare challenges does Dragon Medical v10.1 solve?

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems offer the poten­tial to dramatically improve the cost and quality of health­care. Despite their potential, however, EMR software is used by only 20% of clinicians in the U.S. today1—and less than 5% in small practices. Adoption is slower than expected in part due to: Dramatically slower physician productivity in documenting…


What is the warranty on Philips SpeechMikes

What is the warranty on Philips SpeechMikes? All of the Philips SpeechMikes listed below are covered by a 1 year warranty.  SpeechMikes covered: LFH-5176 LFH-5262 LFH-5272 LFH-5274 LFH-5276 LFH-5282 LFH-5284 LFH-3000 LFH-3005 LFH-3010 LFH-3015 LFH-3020 LFH-3025 LFH-3200 LFH-3210 LFH-3300 Note: Not all of the models listed above are available in North America. Verification Source: Robert…


What is GPO?

Question: What is GPO?In the United States, a group purchasing organization (or GPO) is an entity that is created to leverage the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO members.Many GPOs are funded by administrative fees that are paid by the…


What is the Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder App?

The Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder App is a medical dictation application for use with Nuance’s eScription transcription platform.  Dictations are recorded on the iPhone and wirelessly delivered via a secure connection for background speech recognition and transcription.
Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder is compatible with 3GS & 4 model iPhones. 

Verification Source: Apple App Store.