On my Olympus LS-100 PCM recorder, I pressed the REC button to record, but when I try to play back the file, there is no recording. Why?

The first press of the REC button puts the recorder in the standby mode but does not record. You must press the REC button a second time to start the actual recording. When the recorder is in the standby mode or is paused, the light around the REC button blinks. In the standby mode, the microphones are active and the LCD…


The Philips MobileServer Service automatically stops after 30 seconds, how to I prevent it from stopping?

I’ve seen a few instances where the Service within the Philips MobileServer v2.1.11 will automatically stop after about 30 seconds.  In most instances, users received the following error message: The service was forced to stop!  Please check the logfile ActionLog in theDictation Root-Folder for further information Root Folder does not exist! There are a few…


What are the differences between Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional v9, v10 & v11?

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional has evolved over the years.  Several advanced features and functionality have been added with each new release.  The attached document will show the differences between Dragon Pro v9, v10 & v11.

http://www.zazaknowledge.com/resources//13756/Nuance/Comparison Matrices/Pro v9 v Pro v10 v Pro v11.pdf

Verification Source:  In-house testing

Test Date
: 5.7.12

Is there a wireless remote available to control the Olympus DM-620 digital voice recorder?

Yes, the Olympus DM-620 can be controlled wirelessly using the Olympus RS-30W wireless remote control.  Although, originally designed to control the Olympus LS PCM Recorders, our testing has found the RS-30W to be a great add-on to the Olympus DM-620 digital voice recorder. IMPORTANT: If the suggested resolution above did not resolve your issue, please contact…


Is there a way to program the Philips SEP Transcribe software to add ALL files to the speech recognition que?

Synopsis:  I’ve configured to Philips SpeechExec Pro v7 Transcription Module to automatically sync with Outlook to import all .dss & .ds2 files.   Question: Is there a way to automatically add the imported files from my Inbox into the recognition que.  class=MsoPlainText>  Answer: Unfortunately, NO.  At this point, it is not possible to add ALL audio files to the speech recognition que. …