What digital voice recorders are certified for use with Dragon for Mac?

The list below represents the digital voice recorders that were tested for audio quality and speech recognition quality of their output audio files for transcription by MacSpeech Scribe.  Recommend digital voice recorders provide access to dictated audio files on your Mac – some audio files may require conversion to a format supported by MacSpeech Scribe.…


What are the Olympus Management Components?

System Configuration Program (SCP)

The SCP facilitates installation and updates of modules for end users (Dictation Module and Transcription Module), manages application settings for end users (author and Transcriptionist), and updates firmware management. The SCP can be used to import an MSI image from an R5 CD and create a MST file. The package can then simply and quickly deployed to users via Active Directory/Group Policy.


Device Customisation Program (DCP)

The DCP is a separate utility to quickly customise, import, and export device settings.

License Manager (LM)

This is an application to manage the licenses and accounts of DM’s and TM’s in a workgroup system utilising an MUL (Multi User License).

Verification Source: In-house testing

Is there a way to have the settings in the Philips Speech Control application stay the same for All Users on a particular workstation?

The only way that I know how to accomplish this is to create a login script that will replace the local user’s copy of the Philips Device Control Center configuration file with on from a network share.  In that way, the customized configuration file can follow the user from PC to PC. Check with you…