I’ve noticed several Olympus DSS PLayer Pro R5.0.11 patches, what are they for?

Question: I’m trying to use a monaural accessory microphone with the DS-2200, and it’s not working. Why? If an accessory monaural microphone is plugged into the DS-2200 without setting the recorder to Monaural External Input, the accessory microphone will not work and the built-in recorder microphone will remain enabled. To set a DS-2200 for use…


I’ve owned Olympus digital recorders that use VCVA to reduce “dead air” in conference recordings. Does V-Sync.Rec work the same way?

There’s a slight chance that the Olympus Research & Development team can decrypt the files for you, however; there’s no guarantee that the file can be successfully opened without damage, if at all. 

If you have lost your encryption password and would like for us to try to recover the files, please EMAIL ME the audio files in question. 

NOTE:  I understand the audio files may contain sensitive information, I will be happy to sign an NDA if needed.

Verification Source:  Stanley Freeman, Olympus Support

Test Date: 5.23.12

I imaged (ghosted or copied) my hard drive and now I receive an error “Philips SpeechExec Pro could not find the appropriate license to start.” when I open Philips SpeechExec Dictate version 7.1?

Sometimes an IT tech will eplace a crashed computer or hard drive by copying (also referred to as imaging or ghosting) it. This process corrupts components in theTrusted Storage area of the Philips SpeechExec Pro.  If this is the case, the corrupted components will need to be reset. The Philips SpeechExec Pro software does not allow itself to be…