Is it possible to purchase additional base stations so that you can use the same SpeechMike Air device on multiple computers?

Yes, users can now purchase additional AirPorts and AirBridges for the Philips LFH3000 SpeechMike Air.  The part numbers are listed below for your convenience.

Philips AirPort: 5103 109 28161
Philips AirBridge:  5103 109 28171

Verification Source: Rob Johnson, Philips Product Manager

Test Date
: 2.6.12

How to I set the Olympus DSS Player Standard software to automatically download files from the device when it

The Olympus DSS Player Standard v1.03 Dictation & Transcription module can be program to automatically download files from a digital voice recorder when connected.  To do so: 1.  Open the Olympus DSS Player Standard software 2.  On the left side, under [Dictation Tree], select the [Folder Settings] icon. 3. A Folder Settings window will open. …


How to Program a Philips SpeechMike for Dragon Naturally Speaking

Using Your SpeechMike With Dragon In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of programming your Philips® SpeechMike to use with Dragon® NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software. The SpeechMike enables you to automate various features of Dragon Medical Practice Edition, which will no doubt super-charge your productivity. Whether you’re navigating through a template, opening applications,…