How to configure Dragon NaturallySpeaking V12 on Windows Server 2008 R2 for access from a client computer

To enable audio redirection through a remote desktop connection, and allow users to connect and use Dragon on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 Ultimate Server, you install software on Windows servers and on Dragon workstations. You can expect to spend around thirty minutes installing and configuring the required software. STEP 1: Install Dragon…


How is the “push to talk” feature different in the SpeechMike Air III as compared to the SpeechMike Air II?

Question: How is the playback volume controlled?

The playback volume is controlled during playback using the [+] (plus) and [-] (minus) buttons on the VOL rocker switch on the right side of the DS-2200. Pressing [+] increases the playback volume. Pressing [-] reduces the playback volume.
Verification Source: Olympus Website

I accidentally set my Philips LFH-9600 Digital Pocket Memo to Spanish, how do I reset the language to English?

This is pretty common; I’ve done it myself a time or two.  Follow the instructions below to reset your Philips LFH9600 back to English. 1. With the recorder turned on, press the [Menu] button 2.  Using the minus (-) button, scroll down to [Instalaci__n] 3. Press the [Menu] button 4.  Using the minus (-) button,…