Does the Philips S/E Pro software support FTP accounts using TLS protocols?

Synopsis: I’m trying to configure an FTP profile within the Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate/Transcribe v6 software that uses encrypted FTP via AuthTLS.Question: Does the Philips SEP Dictate/Transcribe support FTP accounts using TLS protocols?  Answer:  Unfortunately, no.  The Philips SpeechExec Pro v6 software only supported SSL authentication at this time. Verification Source: Rick Maxwell, Philips Technical…


Can the Olympus DSS Player V7.3.0 (AS5000 & AS7000) software playback .WMA files?

Yes, the Olympus DSS Player Plus V7.3.0 software, packaged with the AS-5000 & AS-7000 will indeed playback audio files recording in .WMA format.  As the recording modes differ between the various Olympus digital voice recorder models, Olympus has accommodated compatibility by offering multi-format support within their software.   The Olympus DSS Player Plus V7.3.0 software is…


During a firmware update, I lost power and now my DVR seems broken, how can I fix this?

If you are performing a firmware update on an Olympus digital voice recorder and experience an unexpected power-loss or computer failure, the digital voice recorder will appear broken.
The firmware update can communicate with the device even when the device has a firmware problem.  Run the firmware update again to fix the problem.
Verification Source: Digaulle Elhaje, Olympus Product Manager