During a firmware update, I lost power and now my DVR seems broken, how can I fix this?

If you are performing a firmware update on an Olympus digital voice recorder and experience an unexpected power-loss or computer failure, the digital voice recorder will appear broken.
The firmware update can communicate with the device even when the device has a firmware problem.  Run the firmware update again to fix the problem.
Verification Source: Digaulle Elhaje, Olympus Product Manager

Does the Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate & Transcribe v7.1 software integrate with Word Perfect like it does with Microsoft Word?

Unfortunately no, Philips SpeechExec Pro v7.1 does not support Corel’s Word Perfect.  Your best bet is to program the Philips SEP software to export the files in .RFT format, then tell your computer to open all .RTF files in Word Perfect.

Verification Source: Rick Maxwell, Philips Manager of Technical Support

Test Date: 11.14.11