Can Philips SpeechExec Enterprise be run on a Virtual Server rather than a Physical Server?

Yes, Philips SpeechExec Enterprise can be installed on a Virtual Server or a Physical Server, as long as it’s one of the servers listed in the system requirements.  I have attached a Philips SpeechExec Enterprise specification sheet for your review. Enterprise/Philips SpeechExec Enterprise.pdf

Verification Source: Rick Maxwell, Technical Support Manager

Can you install Dragon Medical v10.1 & Dragon Legal v10.1 on the same PC?

Question: an I install Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Legal & Dragon Medical 10 on the same computer?Answer: Yes it is possible to install both Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Legal & Dragon Medical 10 on the same computer. When completing the dual installation of both versions of Dragon, it is required that you install the Legal version FIRST.Note:After…


Dragon Medical Enterprise v10.1 is not functioning properly on my 64bit OS?

Question:  I have a 64bit operating system with Dragon Medical v10.1 installed but I don’t have all of the functionality that I should have.  What’s wrong?Dragon Medical Enterprise v10.1 released a software patch for 64bit users.  If you are experiencing issues, you most likely have Dragon Medical Enterprise v10.1 Build 272.  You need to update…