A certified technician will contact you directly to initiate an online remote session. Before proceeding, they will verify that your operating system, hardware, and software are all supported to work together. They will then install any software, updates, and drivers required.


  • Please have all related software, license numbers, hardware, cables, and accessories ready and available for this session.
  • If administrative access is required to perform the installation, please have your IT department provide this beforehand.
  • Be sure to indicate all of the solutions that you would like installed when scheduling this installation.


A certified technician will contact you to troubleshoot any error messages, breakdowns, or improper functionality in your software or hardware. At that time, they will attempt to diagnose and resolve the issue through a series of technical questions, which may or may not also involve an online remote session.


  • Please ensure that any IT requirements for connecting remotely are met before the scheduled meeting time.
  • Additionally, when scheduling the meeting, please give a detailed description of any issues you would like the technician to address.


A certified technician will contact you to initiate a remote session, during which they will configure your software and/or hardware to perform to your requirements—so long as the functionality is available for your particular solution. If it is not, the technician will inform you at that time and attempt to provide a workflow that meets your needs.


  • Please ensure that any security permissions or administrative access needed is already in place.
  • When scheduling a customization appointment, indicate how you would like your hardware and/or software to operate.


A certified technical trainer will contact you or your group to provide a demonstration of functionality for your software and hardware, as well as explain how to facilitate an effective workflow (where applicable). The trainer will then invite you to perform the functions demonstrated, providing oversight and additional training as needed.

While most training involves a remote session, hardware operation cannot always be visually demonstrated. Our technician will use verbal instructions during this part of the session.


  • Please make sure all attendees are available at the time scheduled for the training session.
  • If possible, elect a “product champion,” who will be present at the training and available to your office to assist with further training reinforcement.
  • Ensure that any software or hardware that you require training for is present, installed, and properly configured.
  • When scheduling the appointment, indicate what type of training you require and what you hope to accomplish. Also note any software and/or hardware involved.