Don’t have the time? Need assistance tackling a large multi-user network installation?

Then take advantage of our professional services and you’ll wonder how you ever did business without us!

Certified eSupport has over 65 years of combined experience with technicians uniquely fit to handle major IT challenges, ensuring your organization can not only meet clients’ expectations, but also exceed them.

We offer a multi-tiered menu of services that covers IT discovery, Remote Installations, Enterprise Voice & Speech Integration, Training and Post-implementation Sales to ensure you have the best possible experience, and to deliver an immediate return on your investment. As a client of Certified eSupport, you’ll have the very best professional services available, allowing you to focus on your work.

Tiered Services

As challenges in Voice Processing, Enterprise, and Speech Recognition integration into various IT environments continue to grow, we tirelessly cater to the Healthcare, Legal, Corporate, and Government verticals by offering solutions that evolve with these ever-changing technologies.

Let us design your voice processing & speech recognition workflow.

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New Purchase Ready To Install

Our clients have access to the world’s largest technical knowledge base. Our menus cover Olympus, Philips Speech Processing, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition II, Dragon® Professional products and more. You can access FAQ guides, live chat with our technicians and submit a trouble ticket.

Assist Me | Hourly Support

Don’t have the time? Our Assist Me services were created to address the increasing demand for one-on-one, remote installation and special configuration of your professional voice processing and speech recognition software on an hourly basis.

Voice & Speech End-to-End Services

Sit back and enjoy over 65 years of combined experiences from our elite technicians. Here we meet with you to examine your existing or build your new workflow. Incorporating your dictation source while designing an end-to-end workflow for your IT Team, and onsite or remote Transcription team. A full IT Discovery, Pre-sales engineering, remote installation, advanced configuration on your network.

On-site Services

Protect your investment and work with certified voice, speech and network engineers who live, eat and breathe Voice Processing & Speech Recognition. We will tailor a training program to insure the out of box experience exceeds expectations providing a ROI to your purchase and a full user adoption.

Many clients find that this reduces their overall cost for support staff and enables them to focus on other areas where their team had previously been unable to complete.