We’re Here to Assist You

Do you need to install new software? Troubleshoot a problem with one of your systems? Does someone on your team require training?

The team at Certified eSupport has a wealth of combined technical experience, with specialists equipped to handle both minor and major IT challenges. We provide the expertise you need to use your office technology effectively and to stay up and running.

We offer a menu of professional services that covers basic installation and configuration, workflow design, IT discovery, remote installations, enterprise voice and speech integration, staff training, and more. Our goal is for you to have the best possible experience, and to deliver an immediate return on your technology investment. As a member of Certified eSupport, you’ll have the very best professional services available to you, allowing you to devote more time to helping clients and treating patients.

Tiered Services

As voice processing, enterprise management, and speech recognition advance with the rest of technology, we work tirelessly to stay abreast of these changes. As industry leaders, we’re proud to offer solutions that continue to evolve, serving the needs of healthcare, legal, corporate, and government professionals.

Let us design your dictation, transcription, and speech recognition workflows.

Purchase Technical Services

New Purchase | Ready To Install

If you just bought new dictation, transcription, or speech recognition solutions for your office, we can perform a professional installation and configuration on one or more workstations—in one or more locations. We’re also equipped to deploy your solutions in a virtual environment and/or on your server (if supported). You can see more here about the speech solutions we support from Olympus®, Philips®, and Nuance®.

Assist Me | Hourly Support

This service was created to address the increasing demand for one-off installation, configuration, and IT support requests. With an Assist Me, we’ll address any of your voice processing and speech recognition software needs on an hourly basis.

End-to-End Speech Services

We can provide implementation assistance well before you even purchase your speech solutions. If you need IT discovery, pre-sales consultation, workflow design, enterprise enablement, or admin and staff training, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work with your IT and management teams to help you plan your dictation, transcription, or speech recognition projects from beginning to end.

On-Site Services

Why not invest extra in your team and your deployment? When you work with our certified speech and network engineers on-site, they provide a level of service, understanding, and expertise that multi-user and enterprise projects need to succeed in both the short and long term.

Want full adoption of that valuable solution you just purchased? Hoping to mark this project down as a big win for your organization? Protect your investment and boost your implementation’s effectiveness with on-site services from Certified eSupport.

Many clients find that on-site service reduces their overall cost for support staff and enables them to focus on new projects and opportunities.