The power of Dragon® is now available on your Smartphone.

Dragon® Anywhere Group allows iPhone and Android users to create documents by voice.

This cloud-based mobile dictation solution is highly accurate and intuitive, making it an ideal mobile documentation solution for busy professionals.

Dragon Anywhere Group

Dragon® Anywhere Group seamlessly synchronizes with Dragon® Professional Group and Dragon® Legal Group.

This integration allows users to being a document on their Smartphones, then pick it back up when they return to the office on their PC.

Create a new document or dictate into an existing template. DAG’s verbal navigation functionality simplifies the process of moving around within a document or template. Built-in commands “previous field” or “next field” moved the cursor between form fields placed within your document.

Professional editing and formatting options reduce the time needed to make changes within your document. Whether you’re trying to replace a word, or bold a phrase, built-in commands replace the need to fumble around on your tiny keyboard.

Users can customize the solution by adding unique words or phrases to their vocabulary. When paired with ability to insert blocks of text, referred to as auto-text commands, the program offers a tailored look and feel to your mobile documentation solution.

File sharing is a breeze easy through the enhanced importing and exporting capabilities. Users can link directly to Evernote or automatically email a completed reported to a predetermined destination. Multiple file format options ensure compatibility with a wide range of platforms.

Dragon® Anywhere Group is a true enterprise solution through its online central management options. Log in to adjust administration settings, user profile options and much more through the Nuance User Management Center.

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