Prepare legal documentation quickly and accurately, all by voice. Regardless of practice size, using Dragon Legal Group can improve time spent with clients and on billable work.

Get legal documents done faster – Built with a specialized legal vocabulary, streamline client and case documentation and improve productivity across the entire practice.

Reduce transcription time and costs – Self-service transcription. Legal professionals can dictate their voice notes into a digital voice recorder for later transcription back at their PC.

Centrally manage across the entire practice – Easily manage user accounts and profiles, administrative settings, and custom words and commands practice-wide.

Dragon Legal Group is exactly the same as Dragon Professional Group (feature and interface wise) with only two differences:

  • Dragon Legal Group automatically formats case citations
  • Dragon Legal Group includes an additional 30,000 legal specific terms and phrases (including common Latin and French phrases).
  • Seamlessly turn around legal materials with your voice rather than typing, and streamline client and case documentation to improve overall productivity for your entire practice.
  • Reduce transcription time and costs, or eliminate transcription services completely. Using a digital voice recorder, legal professionals can take notes while visiting clients for later transcription.
  • Reduce liability risks associated with inaccurate or incomplete details in legal documentation.
  • Manage daily documentation tasks more efficiently across the entire practice with a ready-to-use legal vocabulary, ability to share custom legal terminology and workflow customizations.
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