Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 introduces a new, faster speech recognition engine that is over 20% more accurate than previous versions.  This speech recognition solution turns voice into text three times faster than most people can type with up to 99% accuracy ‘out of the box’.  Now featuring more than 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies in addition to regional accent support.

Upgrading to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is the easiest way to increase the productivity of your practice and save you valuable time so you can get back to what you do best – practicing medicine.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 offers a wealth of benefits including access to a library of medical information via single voice commands, ability to dictate in your own words, reduced transcription costs and ultimately a higher level of patient care. Eliminate the need for typing, handwriting and transcription and actualize significant cost reductions and increased productivity.

Speech-enabling your EHR system frees up valuable human resources that can be redirected to improve patient care within your practice.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Upgrade Benefits

  • Accelerate adoption and dictate anywhere in your EHR
  • See transcription costs reduced dramatically
  • Save 30 minutes or more a day
  • Spend quality time with patients
  • Speak naturally using your own words
  • Support a higher level of reimbursement

Designed specifically for practices with 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 lets you dictate faster and more accurately than ever before. Save time, increase practice volume and streamline your workflow with substantial feature enhancements.

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Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 Features

  • 99% Accurate
    20% more accurate than before
  • Specialty Vocabularies
    90+ medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies – Nearly 50% more terms specifically related to your practice
  • Faster Recognition Speed
    With regional accent support that understands any accent, recognition speed if faster than ever before
  • Flexible Input
    Remotely connect your iPhone or Android for cross-platform functionality
  • Streamline Workflow
    Eliminates the need to click back and forth between screens via the new Hidden Mode dictation box that lets you view lab results, images or flow sheets while you dictate
  • Customized Macros
    Single voice commands instantly pull up commonly dictated text and images
  • Save time
    Reduce the time you spend documenting care by 30 minutes or more per day
  • Complies with HIPAA Guidelines
    Sensitive and confidential speech files are protected with encrypted network file storage
  • Smart Configuration
    Automatic detection of hardware resources and the recommended configuration that will optimize performance of the software
  • Recognition Analytics
    Automatic detection of poor audio input and remedies to address the situation
  • Increase Practice Volume
    Reduced time spent on dictation means more time with patients for increase revenue and profitability

Where to buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Call Certified eSupport today and we will provide you with a list of Dragon Medical Software resellers that are in your area. Working with a Certified Vendor is the key to ensuring the best ‘out of box’ experience. Our expert technicians work closely with every reseller so you get what you need from installation to customization and beyond. Certified eSupport has everything you need to succeed.

Technical Support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

When it comes to installation, customization and troubleshooting for Dragon Medical Software, Certified eSupport technicians are industry experts.  We know exactly how to integrate Dragon Medical technology into your practice or EHR and across multiple devices.  Call us today and start experiencing the full benefits of your speech recognition solutions.

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