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Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the newest speech recognition technology that allows clinicians to quickly and completely document patient care into any EHR using their own words.  Designed specifically for practices with 24 physicians or less, Dragon Medical Practice Edition has already been chosen by more than 180,000 physicians worldwide making it the most widely used speech recognition solution in the industry.

By using Dragon Medical Practice Edition, clinicians – including physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, therapists, and other care providers – can dictate the elements of a patient encounter faster and more accurately than ever before.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Medical Speech Recognition Benefits

  • Accelerate adoption by dictating anywhere in your EHR
  • Dramatically reduce transcription costs
  • Spend more time with patients
  • Save at least 30 minutes a day
  • Dictate in your own words and with any regional accent
  • Deliver a higher level of reimbursement

Dragon Medical Practice Edition offers a host of key advantages that allow you to spend more time with patients, dictate in your own words, access a library of medical information with single voice commands and ultimately improve your enjoyment of practicing medicine.  In addition, you can enjoy significant cost reductions and increased productivity just by eliminating the need for typing, handwriting and transcription.

Speech-enabling your EHR system frees up valuable human resources that can be redirected to improve patient care within your practice.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Benefits

  • More accurate than ever
    Up to 99% accurate out of the box
  • Faster recognition speed
    Support for regional accents plus more than 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies
  • Flexible Input
    Enable your iPhone or Android to work as a microphone
  • Streamline workflow
    Dictate while looking at lab results, images or flow sheets via the Hidden Mode dictation box
  • Navigation Speed
    Rapidly navigate with tab-forward and tab-backwards buttons while utilizing voice-driven templates with fill-in capabilities to quickly record and insert text into report template fields
  • Customized Macros
    Use single voice commands to enter frequently dictated text and images
  • Save time
    Reduce the time you spend documenting care by 30 minutes or more per day
  • Increase practice volume
    Reduce the time spent on dictation with faster, more accurate recognition, and spend more time with patients to increase practice revenue and profitability
  • Smart Configuration
    Software automatically detects hardware resources and sets up the recommended configuration that will optimize performance
  • Recognition Analytics
    Software automatically detects poor audio input and offers advice on how to remedy the situation

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