Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal speaks your language

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your legal practice using speech-recognition software, look no further because Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal is quite literally made for you and your legal practice.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal

Whether you’re a small legal practice or a large law firm, Certified eSupport can help you integrate this time and money saving speech-recognition software today!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal includes a special language model that understands legalese, right out of the box, so you can immediately and easily integrate the software into your practice, which means you can instantaneously free up time for yourself to focus on your clients and give your support staff more time to do valuable tasks that increase overall efficiency.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal allows users to instantaneously create secure digital documentation of client records, contracts, briefs, case information, notes, and more by simply dragging and dropping dictated files into Dragon’s Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent (ATFA). You can dictate information from anywhere, at any time, using the Dragon Anywhere app on your iOS or Android device and your support staff will have access to the transcribed document as soon as it’s created, streamlining their workflow and yours.

With the help of Certified eSupport, you and your support staff can learn how to fully maximize the features of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal, like creating custom macros for words and phrases you frequently use. Proofreading legal documents has never been easier than when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal with audio playback of your own dictation or highlighted text-to-speech, so you can easily edit and make changes as you proofread your documents.

Certified eSupport knows that your work never stops so neither do we! Certified eSupport provides the expertise and support you need for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal around the clock, with an expansive knowledgebase, an easy ticketing system for questions that aren’t addressed in the knowledgebase, FAQs, or webinars available, and more extensive services, like on-site installation and training for your and your support staff.

With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal and Certified eSupport, you can transform your practice and save time and money by doing so.

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