Chosen by more than 200,000 physicians worldwide

The Dragon® Medical Practice Edition technology offered by Nuance Healthcare has been chosen by more than 200,000 physicians worldwide to document clinical records and dictate correspondences, making it the most widely used speech recognition solution for physicians.

Several EMR and EHR manufacturers are starting to incorporate this technology into their applications to streamline the process of capturing patient notes and reduce transcription costs.

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Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Nuance PowerMic III

In this time of options and mobility, Dragon Medical Practice Edition software allows users to capture important client data in a number of ways. Mobile users can choose from a variety of digital voice recorders offered by Philips® and Olympus® while static users can choose from a variety of handheld USB microphones.

The most common device suggested by the Nuance Healthcare division is the Nuance PowerMic III for obvious reasons. The Nuance PowerMic III is a programmable USB microphone designed specifically and exclusively for Dragon Medical software.

Clinicians prefer this type of programmable USB microphone, as they can be customized to automate several features within Dragon Medical software. Whether you’re trying to launch your favorite template, insert your signature macro, navigate to the next field within your document or have the document automatically saved to your shared network drive, the programmable options on the Nuance® PowerMic III will speed up the process with a simple push of a button.

We at Certified eSupport know the solutions offered by Nuance Healthcare better than anyone else in the business.  We offer affordable, annual support and maintenance packages to insure you get the help you need. Dragon Medical Practice Edition and the Nuance PowerMic III can be completely customized to fit the individual needs of its users.  Allow us to train and perform that customizations needed to raise the quality of care and guarantee the Return on your Investment.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition
  • Now enter frequently dictated text and images with a single voice command
  • Reduce the time you spend documenting care by 30 minutes or more per day
  • Protect sensitive and confidential speech files with encrypted network file storage
  • Software automatically adapts to your hardware and sets up the recommended configuration to optimize performance
    Software automatically determines subpar audio input connection and proposes advice on how to solve the problem
  • More precise recognition reduces the time spent on dictation and allows clinicians to see more patients and subsequently increase practice revenue and profitability