The Olympus Dictation Application for iPhone and Android is a great backup dictation solution for today’s mobile professional.

The app is configured through an online Olympus Dictation Portal, that allows central management and configuration from anywhere in the world.

Once configured, files can be created and sent via email or through the Olympus Dictation Recorder Service, which can be integrated within the Olympus Dictation Management Software (packaged with professional services Olympus digital voice recorders).  Users can easily add default recipient information to automate to transmission process.

The Olympus Dictation App features multiple recording options for users, including adjusting the recording format from standard to high quality audio, enabling voice activation recording, setting push to talk functionality as well as microphone sensitivity options.

Those looking for complete wireless mobility may appreciate the Bluetooth input options along with extras like priority settings, inserting photographs and more.

Having good workflow options can equate to saving time and money. Olympus users can tailor their Author and Worktype settings to ensure the proper Metadata is attached and visible to those whom they collaborate with.

The app comes in several flavors, including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Svenska and Cesky… ensuring it versatility.

Those concerned with security will be happy to know that the Olympus Dictation App offer 256 bit encryption during transmission, ensuring that your recordings remain confidential.

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Olympus Dictation App