Philips Speech Processing Solutions (SPS) has been in business for over 60 years, during that span of time, they have developed a wide range of speech-recognition solutions for both the consumer and business user. 

From their early beginnings making analog, cassette-based recorders to their current status as one of the leading manufacturers of speech-recognition devices, Philips has stayed ahead of the competition regarding innovation.


Including the SpeechMike Air, SpeechMike III, SpeechMike Premium, and SpeechMike Premium Touch which offer studio-quality microphones, anti-microbial surfaces, built-in noise reduction filters, and the first ever motion detector for a hands-free stationary dictation device. SpeechMikes are ideal for many verticals, including medical and legal.

Philips SpeechMike

Professional Portable Voice Recorders

Including the PSP-DPM8500, the PSP-DPM8100, the PSP-DPM8000, the PSP-DPM7000, the PSP-DPM6700, and the PSP-DPM6000, and PSP-DPM8900 with large LCD displays, either slide switch or push button controls, multiple format recording options, and multiple microphones to pick up every sound. These professional quality portable voice recorders are amazing for many verticals, including insurance, legal, medical, journalism, and more.

Meeting Recorders

Including the PSP-DVT8000 Voice Tracer, which is ideal for meetings of any size, considering it has a 360 microphone to pick up voices from any direction and delivers noise-free audio quality. Press record on the remote and let the meeting begin!

Consumer Voice Recorders

Including the PSP-DVT6500, a consumer voice recorder that delivers studio-quality recordings and is suitable for musicians, sound technicians, and audiophiles everywhere with three-mic high-quality recording capability.

No Matter How Large the Company, Philips Has the Right Speech Solution

Philips SPS

Philips SPS has speech-recognition solutions for individuals and for companies large and small. Whether your clients want to host Philips SpeechExec software on their own server or on the cloud, Philips offers both options. The PSP-LFH7380/00 gives users the opportunity to optimize their workflows by sending out automated emails and managing dictated files according to predefined rules and schedules. For users on the go, Philips has introduced the PSP-LFH7457/00, an app for iOs and Android devices that allows for dictation anywhere, anytime. The mobile app is suitable for all verticals as it ensures safe, secure storage of sensitive dictated documentation.

To help large companies save even more time and money, Philips offers the PSP-LFH7470/00 Remote Device Manager, which allows administrators to configure all Philips dictation devices within their enterprise from one central location. Philips SPS understands the needs of large companies and has developed enterprise speech solutions to help them save time and make money.

Certified eSupport is There for You and Your Clients

With over 40 years of experience in business solutions, Certified eSupport has the technical knowledge and experience to help you and your clients get the most out of their Philips speech solutions. With affordable tiered support services, Certified eSupport has something for everyone and you can have the technical and customer support package that is right for you and your business.

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